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Lady Jeracynn

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May I join you?


Great Hall, Benden Hold
Beneath the vaulted ceilings of this friendly Hall is where people gather to eat, gossip, sing and work. Three large hearths are set into walls, with detailed tapestries adorning the rest of the spaces. The stone floors have colorful rugs scattered across them.
The air is turning cooler as Autumn comes to Benden, but most folks are too busy to even notice it. During the evening hours, residents sit down for a hearty dinner, lingering over their meals to chat together. Many stay after dinner to socialize or finish up the day's tasks.
Directly opposite the metal doors going south back to the Courtyard, is the formal Meeting Hall. To the east a large archway leads to the working caverns and in the western wall is a smaller arch that opens into the gaming room. A stone staircase in the northeastern corner takes one up to residence areas and guest rooms. It is the northwestern path leading to the kitchens that sees the most traffic.

W'red walks down the steps from the upper levels of the Hold.

W'red wanders down from the guest room into the hall, in search of klah, having had a reasonable rest, and not wanting to bother the Headwoman anymore than he had already. He had gotten sort of dressed and headed down stairs, to the hall, his left hand firmly planted on his right shoulder rubbing gently to try and ease the stiffness induced by sleeping. Walking over to the serving tables he does not really take much notice of who is in the hall at all. Pouring a mug of klah, and rather awkwardly picking it up in his left hand he looks for somewhere to sit and enjoy the hot bitter brew.

Jeracynn's among those already there. The Lady having finished a conversation at one of the smaller tables, she lingers on there, enjoying her own drink as the woman she was speaking to moves on to resume her day. Grey gaze then free to roam, Jeri's fall on the brownrider and she lifts a hand to catch his eye rather than standing or calling out, gesturing to the now free seat, should she gain his attention.

The lifted hand gets his attention, and with a slight nod of his head W'red heads off in the direction of the Lady Holder. Moving through the tables, towards the smaller one where Jeracynn is seated, this is done a little slower than he would normally, being careful to ensure no one bumps into him accidentally. As he gets close, he smiles, "Good evening M'lady," The greeting friendly, the voice perhaps a bit gruffer than usual, from the sleep from which he had just awoken, "May I join you?"

"Please do, brownrider," Jeracynn answers with a smile, her gaze uplifted to watch him after retaining her seat as is customary, "I'd heard of course about your injury, and that you'd planned to be staying on for a bit. I hadn't thought you'd be out and about so soon though after your arrival." And then the pause, as the more idle chatter gives way to the genuine concern as she asks, "How are you then, W'red?"

The mug is placed on the table top, and the same hand used to pull out the chair, "Thank you M'lady," W'red sits, a little awkwardly, a slight wince escapes his lips but no more. "Thank you for your hospitality, yes I would rather recuperate here than alone in my weyr." A smile going the Lady Holder's way, "I have had a bit of a rest, thank you, and the need for some klah overcame the possible pain it would take too come down staris to get a mugful." The riders blue eyes, focus on the Lady, "I am recovering, as well as can be expected, considering."

"It's no trouble at all. We have the room and we certainly don't mind the added company. I'm glad that you are on the mend however." Something in that causes the lady to arc a brow, "Alone though? I'd have thought you'd have friends, clutchmates, more people you knew there than here when it came right down to it. Or are they too busy to be much in the way of company?" Jeracynn nods then, her eyes going to the klah mug as a teasing spark enters her gaze, "Ahh, it's the Benden klah, I should have known. What better to summon one from their rest bed."

W'red chuckles, "There is alone M'lady and -alone- niether of which appealed to me, so I packed a bag, and if Tavaith hadn't wanted to bring me...." He stops a thoughtful look on his face, brow furrows ever so slightly, "Let me just say there is an appeal for me in Benden other than the klah, which at times I'm sure is painfully obvious. Between my brown and the green flitter I probably am more of a Bendenite, than I realise, although my loyalty is with my Weyr and probably always will be." A smile plays in the corner of his mouth, "I have friends at the Weyr clutchmates, as you say more people there that I know, but...." His face flushes slightly, "There is only one Eleria, and she happens to be here."

Benden Courtyard> Tavaith croons, and lifts his head, to look at the man looking at him.

Benden Courtyard> Dyrian moves a little bit closer to the brown, studying him carefully with a nod of his head, "Handsome one." he states softly.

Benden Courtyard> Tavaith warbles, brightly, always quite a show off to anyone who appreciates, a good looking dragon.

Dyrian steps in from the courtyard, the metal doors sliding shut behind him.

"That appeal, as you've said, has been rather obvious." Amusement still registering in Jeracynn's gaze as she then takes a drink before nodding over the rest, "I would hope a rider's loyalty would always remain with his weyr. I expect it wouldn't bode well for the rest of us, if rider's had such divided loyalties it got in the way of performing their duties." That last gaining him a considering look then, and she comments, "My Steward believes it is fortunate for us that you are a rider, and able to visit as often that you do. Rather than having to rely on others kindness or other means to bridge the distance."

Lifting the mug to his lips, to take a sip of the klah, W'red nods, "It's that obvious then?" He does however smile, the mug lowered back to the table. "My duties and the fighting of Thread and Tavaith, are my priorities, the loyalty to the Weyr is in no way divided, and -if- forced to choose, that's what I would choose, although I would sincerely hope no one would ever put me in that position." The riders face takes on a bit of a frown at the thought, but it is a brief frown not held for long before the smile is back, creasing the lined tanned face. "Well your Steward is free to make use of my services the least I can do for being a constant visitor, even though I'd be here even more often if I could, but am torn between my duties and El..." The sentence, cut short, "I'm sure you don't want to hear about my problems, difficulties, M'lady, what is new and happening in the Hold?"

Dyrian comes into the Hall, carrying a sack over his shoulder, pausing briefly before heading over to the serving tables. One of the workers from the fields is addressed, a smile brightening his tanned face as they converse. After a few minutes he fills a plate with food, grabbing a glass of juice. Another nod of his head and a departing laugh before he heads off to find an empty table, selecting one next to the rider and Lady Holder.

"Well I hardly expect that such a trip, for example, was made just for the klah." The Lady replies with a soft chuckle for all that she then toasts the man sharing her table with a mug that's filled with the same. The frown perhaps misinterpreted, but just as likely Jeracynn says on only for the sake of clarity, "I would never have thought or implied otherwise of you. And I'll tell Keveris you said so, but be aware you're likely going to get an armful of extra missives as he investigates the economic impact of our anticipated almond crop." Kidding? No, probably not. She smiles politely then, "More that there would be better places to discuss such concerns if you truly needed an ear to bend, than here so close to..." A subtle glance is sent towards where Auntie Zinna speaks with one of the kitchen staff. It's on the return trip that her gaze marks Dyrian, takes in his appearance as the Lady sends a nod in greeting his way if she's caught doing so.

W'red smiles a warm smile, "The trip was worth it M'lady and I'd do the same again if placed in a similar position, which by Faranth, I hope doesn't happen." His mug is lifted in a toast of sorts with the Lady, "Thank you ma'am, and Keveris is welcome to load me with as much as he likes, Tavaith from what I understand is one of the largest browns on Pern, so a little extra load shouldn't bother him in the least." W'red's eyebrows lift, "Almonds, mmmmm, there should be a good market for them, the only problem would be moving them across the continent with these sporadic Falls." A glance is thrown the way of Auntie Zinna, "Yes perhaps, I could come and see you when you have a free moment, I have need of a womans point of view on some issues." The man seated at the table next to them gets a brief nod, but a greeting nonetheless, realising he is not wearing a knot of any sort, he decides to at least introduce himself, "Reaches Duties sir, W'red Brown Tavaith's, the large brown lump taking up space in the M'lady's courtyard." A hand however not offered as it is strapped up tightly.

Dyrian pulls out a chair, scraping it softly against the floor, fitting his large frame into it. The man had indeed noticed the greeting directed to him by Lady Jeracynn, smiling warmly he offers, "Good evening." his voice strong and low, carrying easily to the woman's ears. The talk of the almond crops bring in interested look to his face, "It seems that you've got some good crops out there ma'am. Most have been saved from the errant Threadfalls I see?" He brings his glass up to his lips, drinking half of it down, his thumb rubbing against the side of it. Since he is sitting at the table next to the pair he doesn't intrude on other parts of their conversation, it not being his business, but he does look at the man, "Well met W'red. I think I saw your brown Tavaith outside as a matter of fact. I'm Dyrian from a cothold of Nerat's holdings."

"I think I'll hope the same, that you don't find yourself in such a position again, for all that you are welcome here, as I've said." The Lady replies to the brownrider, giving him again a smile, "I'll let Keveris know, and yes, the sporadic falls trouble me as far as being sure to get any goods to their designated markets. The prices to transport them are sure to soar anyway we attempt it." Jeracynn pauses then, directing a smile to this new comer and greeting with a "Well met, Dyrian and Benden's duties of course. Yes, you are quite right. Through some odd twist of fate, Benden has been existing under the shadow of the Falls that have so devastated other places, and yet been spared of anything more direct." As she turns back to W'red once more she nods, "I'd be glad to talk with you at some point later in that case. I'm sure we can find some time while you are with us."

The brownrider's grimaces slightly as he moves to try and get a bit more comfortable, "I am glad to be welcome here M'lady but would rather be here in different circumstances for sure." Grinning a little, he nods, "You be sure to let Keveris know, I'll think on it perhaps a sort of warning system for the traders, there is a greenrider that has been enquiring about how the firelizards react to these Falls the trained and untrained ones, I'll speak with her." He does smile however, "Thank you ma'am, I have to admit to going to a number of woman for advice lately, I'm at a loss sometimes and just need a bit of guidance." The mention of Fall over Benden brings a dark look over W'red's face although he remains silent on the matter, having voiced his thoughts on that previously to the Lady.

Dyrian takes a few bites of his dinner, not interrupting the conversation at hand though he does let his gaze move over each of the pair carefully, studying them briefly, a smile set on his lips. "Nerat's duties to you dear Lady. I hope you don't mind that I've been wandering around a bit. I seem to have misplaced myself and ended up here in Benden." he says with mirth and playfulness dancing in his eyes. The rider gets his attention again, noticing the slight grimace, not addressing it chuckling softly though at the mention of women problems, "Getting advice from other woman can sometimes be good or sometimes bad brownrider. Depending on the situation at hand." he throws out there, picking up the glass again.

"As would we all," Jeracynn assures W'red and then the next gets her consideration too, "I'll mention that to him also. Without any Falls here yet, I know of know incidents with firelizards, but Keveris is Weyrbred and has had his green far longer than I've had mine. I'll mention that to him as well. He may have some incites..." The lady draws back then, considering the notion before nodding, smiling again, "We all need a little guidance at sometimes." As she turns back to Dryian she arcs a brow, "Dangerous times for a wondering sort. And do you feel you are still misplaced?"

Chuckling a bit, W'red glances over at Dyrian, "You are certainly misplaced, Nerat is a fair distance from Benden," He does however give Dyrian a wry smile, "The advice that one recieves in any situation is just that advice, you have to choose how you use it, or not." W'red would shrug but that would hurt so he doesn't, instead lifts the mug to his lips again, taking another long sip. "Well I have had my firelizard since just before impression and have found Tavaith taught her more than I could once she got over her jealousy problem." He grins again, "And as for advice I'm always open to it, and in my present circumstances am in need of it."

Dyrian presses his lips firmly together, a smirk given after a moments thought, "Well that would depend on the company that I've enjoyed here of late. I definately don't feel settled yet, but it is a nice place to be around I'll admit. I met with your Steward and I believe saw your Headwoman, though I've not had the chance to speak with her yet." His voice softens, taking a moment, possibly remembering the two others, smiling again. "And I do agree W'red. Advice can be taken or thrown away. I know I've had my fair share of bad and good advice. Guidance is always good of course."

"Wiser words were never spoken," Jeracynn replies as W'red comments about using advice, "They can learn from dragons then? Well, of course, I should have thought of that. I may have to consider than more as well." The Lady gives another smile to the brownrider, "Irandi? She's moved home, unless you mean my new Headwoman? She's not had the position long, though she's been with us for several months before hand." A pause then, "But you've spoken with Keveris too you've said?"

W'red finishes the klah in the mug with a final gulp, getting slowly to his feet pushing on the table top with his left hand, another grimace and perhaps a wince. "Well I'm going to put this recuperating body back into bed, well met again Dyrian, as as ever M'lady a pleasure to be in your company and enjoying the hospitality of your Hold." A grin at the mention of seeing the Headwoman, he looks over at Jeracynn, a slightly apologetic look crosses his face. "In certain instances I am the one giving advice, but this is one of those times when I am in need and will take all the advice/guidance I can. Wise words to the wise ma'am, yes dragons can get visions from firelizards, and pass them on too, although it seems from what I have heard firelizards don't have the same short memory that dragons do." W'red nods again, "Well a good evening to you and I'm sure to see you around soon." With his final farewell W'red makes his way slowly back to the stairs and disappears up them.

Dyrian sits back in his chair crossing his arm over his broad chest, "Yes I've spoken to Keveris a little. Just about what I could offer of my services here at Benden is all." He shakes his head though, "No, I don't believe that it was Irandi. That name doesn't sound familiar." he shrugs, pushing the thought aside quickly enough, though the grin from the rider gets noted, bringing a smirk to his lips. He tries to hide a chuckle for the man, drinking the rest of his juice, "Well met brownrider. I hope you heal quickly."

"Yes, I'm sure rest is the best thing for you, there is plenty of time for advice later, W'red. If you need anything else, just ask. Though I'm sure you'll have someone seeing to such things already." Amusement mingles with the Lady's evident concern for the rider, "We can talk more of firelizards later perhaps also. Rest well." She waves after him, watching him go and then turns to Dryian, "Oh? Are you interested in staying on then?"

W'red winds his way up the stairs to the second level.

Dyrian watches the man leave, the smile never leaving his face, though his eyes definately curious about him. He pauses a moment longer then turns back to the woman, "Well I do find that Benden offers quite a bit more than that of my cothold down in Nerat. Finding my way around has been quite an adventure and I've met some curious people, but I do like it." Another smile touches his lips, glancing at the stairs and back again, "I assume that he's a friend. Not that its any of my business of course." His fingers run over the edge of the now empty glass, bringing the conversation back to her question, "I could probably offer something to the hold. Of course it definately wouldn't be that of Harper, I can't hold a tune if someone gave me a mark." he says with a grin.

Jeracynn chuckles, she can't help but do so. "Curious people are something you can find most anywhere in my experience." Another sip from her drink and her glance goes after the brownrider after the question, but the Lady doesn't reply to question, except with one of her own, "Why do you ask?" A brow getting arced with the question and then she laughs, "Trust me. I would believe the Hall would be displeased with us if we hired on someone as a Harper here without their blessing. So unless you come equipped with that," she smiles, "...you should be safe."

Dyrian says "Yes, there was this one lad at the cothold who carried around this skin of a tunnelsnake. Loved to wave it in front of the girls." he shakes his head with a grin, "They would run from him. After while, of course they stayed clear." The man rolls his eyes then shrugs his shoulder at her question, "No reason really. I guess just the ease of conversation. He's far from home, but if I had to choose between mine and here, I might consider here." The man grins again, bringing the conversation back around again, not one to stay on one topic for very long. "Oh, I'm sure that you've plenty of Harpers anyway. I'm more one to work outside, getting dirty, taking care of things. My mom says I seem to know a bit about many things, not wanting to settle on just one." His tone turns to one of affection when he speaks about the mentioned woman."

"Interesting hobby," The Lady replies with dry amusement, "I'm sure he has lots of lady friends now days." Her fingers play with the table top, "You find this better than your home already, even though you're not settled?" Curiosity meets that as the matter of W'red, Jeracynn lets drop in favor of this rest, "I take it then, you're not as bothered as some with the risk of Thread falling? Not being the settling sort and liking the outdoors."

Dyrian laughs heartily, "Oh yes, quite a few friends he has, especially the ladies." he exclaims, laughter still lacing his words. He looks around the room, considering her question carefully, "Well, my home is a small cothold, where you know quite a few people. This...well," a pause again, his hand playing with his fork, "I like the bustle about the place." He glances down at his shirt, picking off a piece of dropped food with a frown, "Well, Threadfall was definately a surprise. I didn't say though that I wasn't the settling sort. Just like to work outside, in the fields or hunting and whatnot."

"I'll just bet," Jeracynn replies, allowing another smile, though the rest gains only nods, "It is a busy Holding, without any doubt." A moment for thought and then she gets to her feet, "The Hold is in need of some seasonal help, with the up coming harvests and all. The almonds I was talking about before should be ready soon, and there are other things we need to harvest...Something to think about."

Dyrian stands himself when the Lady Holder does so, picking up his plate as well to bring back to the bins, "Well, if you don't mind my staying on for a time I will do my share here. I would really like to investigate more of the crops and such out in the fields. There is more to offer than there was at our hold, maybe I can learn a few more things." He smiles warmly again, brushing his fingers through his hair, "Well ma'am. I've got some time left before heading off to bed. I'm sure I can find something to amuse myself."

"We can always use useful hands at Harvest time," Jeracynn answers and then inclines her head, "I'm sure the farmers would be happy to talk about their work if you are inclined to ask. Enjoy your evening, Dyrian." And with that, the Lady takes the last of her klah and goes.