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cynonym in benden_hold

There is something on your mind...


Just a mini scene revolving around some gossip, but since a couple of Hold matters get mentioned... ;) Here you go:

Auntie Zinna glances around the Hall and lowers her voice. "Well, duckie, the way it was told to me...."

"Some thought the Lady Holder's 25th Turnday would have been an event to remember, duckies. I sure though so, but she looked tired, don't you think?" Auntie Zinna tells while a pair of her friends nod in agreement, "That's what I thought. Poor dear had dinner in her rooms that night, and breakfast the next morning. Spent most her Turnday all by her lonesome. I think Headwoman Eleria went to check on her at some point too. But she didn't stay long so I suppose Lady Jeracynn was napping." A kind, sympathetic smile from the Auntie then, and she leans in, "Poor dear even passed up her morning ride the next day and I thought she still looked tired, but don't tell her I said so."

Great Hall, Benden Hold(#366RJM)
Beneath the vaulted ceilings of this friendly Hall is where people gather to eat, gossip, sing and work. Three large hearths are set into walls, with detailed tapestries adorning the rest of the spaces. The stone floors have colorful rugs scattered across them.
Both the cheery fires blazing in the hearths and the klah warming at them help to keep the chill of winter at bay. Residents stop in for a quick bite of lunch before returning to their chores. Delicious aromas fill the air as the kitchen staff work on preparing the evening meal.
Directly opposite the metal doors going south back to the Courtyard, is the formal Meeting Hall. To the east a large archway leads to the working caverns and in the western wall is a smaller arch that opens into the gaming room. A stone staircase in the northeastern corner takes one up to residence areas and guest rooms. It is the northwestern path leading to the kitchens that sees the most traffic.
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Auntie Zinna
Obvious exits:
STairway  Gaming Room  Work Cavern  Kitchen  Meeting Hall  CourtYard 

Keveris steps out of the work cavern.

Afternoon finds the Hold's Lady, picking at the food on her plate, a faraway look in her eyes as she works on her meal. distracted by something that is surely not presence because the late lunch holds no sway over her.

The clues: damp cuffs and collar, hair freshly combed and too wet to show its usual blue highlights, and even the ink stains citron-juiced into nothing. The puzzle: where has Keveris been? Three guesses. The first two don't count. At least Kris didn't take work to the baths with him; his hands are empty of all but the tail of a green fire-lizard, perched on his wrist and doing her level best to entangle his fingers. "I know," he murmurs to her. "I *know*. You'd better--" What she'd better do is lost when he ducks into the kitchen, emerging shortly with a small bowl of meat. Midway to the table he favors he spots the Lady and pauses, considering.

Nope, not even puzzles distract her from her distraction, a sure sign Jeracynn's really somewhere else just then, despite appearances. Another bite, and then another, before she taps the fork on the plate, at least on a bit of bread rather than generating an annoying clang with each tap.

Keveris comes to a decision and approaches the Lady's table, meat scraps and Theoretical and all. Odds are, it seems, that not only might she not mind if he feeds his fire-lizard, she may well not even notice. "Good day, Lady Jeracynn." Quietly spoken, and then he looks towards a chair nearby. "Would you mind if I joined you?"

Her name or his voice, maybe the combo of the two has her looking up and then offering a light smile, "Oh, no. Of course not, Keveris." Jeracynn gestures at the seat with her fork before spearing something with at and taking another bite. A face getting pulled as she realizes it's gone cold. "How are you this afternoon?"

"There is something on your mind," Keveris guesses as he nudges out the chair, displaying the brilliant intelligence for which she hired him. "Should I inquire after it?" Was there a chance he wouldn't? He sinks into the seat and sets the bowl down in front of him. That's Theo's cue to stop playing cat's-cradle with his fingers and curl her foreclaws around its rim, repeating the gesture several times to enjoy the clink and scrape. "I'm well enough mentally. A conversation with the Captain led through some means still mysterious to me to my sparring with the Guards for awhile, so physically, I've been better. Yourself?" Concern crosses his expression and his voice. "Zinna has said that you are not well."

"On my... Oh, no. It's nothing, really. I was just think about something." Jeracynn gives a reassuring smile and continues eating, though with more relish despite that it's cooled. Amusement even colors her expression and she asks, "You spared with the guards? Truly?" At least she doesn't ask 'how did that go'. Her brows lift with that next, "She has, has she?" The Lady sending a glance to where the Auntie holds court, "Well that explains a thing or two." - "I'm fine, Keveris. Really I am."

Keveris gives her plate of cold food a look. "I won't press if you'd rather not talk about it," he says, "but if you would, I'll listen. Yes. Against all wisdom and better judgment. They know now the depths of my incompetance, but I'm hoping they respected my willingness, anyway." Admitting his lack of skill doesn't bother him; either that, or his bruises hurt too much to allow a good mope. "Truth? Because my great-grandmother had remedies for all manner of ills, that she wrote down somewhere; I could ask after them if you'd rather not go to the expense of chicken soup." There's a lack of transition there that he spots and tries to amend. "That was the cure Zinna suggested."

"It's fine, Keveris," Jeracynn replies again on the matter of the first. She settles back in her seat, her Steward getting her full attention, "I would imagine you you did gain a measure of respect from them." It's the other that has her looking even more amused, "Chicken soup would be one of the things the kitchen staff kept on insisting I needed.... Do I really look that ill? I'm fine, not so much as a sniffle."

Keveris accepts this, nods to it. "The Captain would have it that I need to drill regularly," he tells her wryly, of the other. "'A Steward should be the last defense of what he loves best'--that was his line. I had to have it explained that he meant the treasury. Naturally, I thought he referred to my abacus." Deadpan? Why, yes. "At some time I should speak to you of the Captain. It's not urgent; it needn't be now. No." The answer is automatic. Kris follows it up with scrutiny and repeats, more slowly, "No. You look in health to me, only preoccupied. Certainly not wasting away from exhaustion any more than the rest of us, although that reminds me to wish you a happy--belated--Turnday."

"I'm sure he does," A faint smile to accompany these words and then a roll of her eyes as the smile widens, "You're abacus, of course. Yes, I'll speak to him, and soon. Jeracynn gets to her feet slowly and smiles, "Thank you, Keveris. And it is only preoccupation, I assure you. And one that needs to keep for another time. I have a meeting before too long. I'll catch up with you after?"

"Oh--I meant that I should speak to you about him, but speaking to him would probably be as well. He should present his side of the debate himself," Keveris supposes. Gee, that's not ominous at all. "You're welcome. My apologies for not giving my wishes in a more timely fashion. Of course; I'll talk to you about the Guards then, and about the fleece. Good luck at the meeting - may it not be one of the long and interminable sorts."

A faint flush to her cheeks, a soft sigh and Jeracynn nods, "Sorry, I guess I am distracted. Alright, we'll discuss the matter later." She lifts a hand and waves it off, "I didn't want to make a fuss, it's really fine, and thank you." Jeracynn gives a smile again, "I'll be free in a few hours, I'm sure."

Pushing open the ornately-carved door, you step into the meeting hall.