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You look cold, Kris...


Great Hall, Benden Hold(#366RJM)
Beneath the vaulted ceilings of this friendly Hall is where people gather to eat, gossip, sing and work. Three large hearths are set into walls, with detailed tapestries adorning the rest of the spaces. The stone floors have colorful rugs scattered across them.
Both the cheery fires blazing in the hearths and the klah warming at them help to keep the chill of winter at bay. Residents stop in for a quick bite of lunch before returning to their chores. Delicious aromas fill the air as the kitchen staff work on preparing the evening meal.
Directly opposite the metal doors going south back to the Courtyard, is the formal Meeting Hall. To the east a large archway leads to the working caverns and in the western wall is a smaller arch that opens into the gaming room. A stone staircase in the northeastern corner takes one up to residence areas and guest rooms. It is the northwestern path leading to the kitchens that sees the most traffic.
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Auntie Zinna
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Keveris, entering from the Courtyard, has a distinctly snow-dusted look about him, the shoulders and tails of his black coat grey with crystals of melting ice. His hair hasn't fared much better. For something so damp and weather-struck, though, it still looks remarkably tidy. No side trips for him: he heads directly to one of the hearths and hunches into one of its neighboring chairs, where he can shiver in peace.

Jeracynn's presence is of the quiet sort this day. Seated at a side table rather than the head one, having a simple meal, though the extra klah mug at her table suggests she wasn't always by herself. And just then, she's reading over a hide or two as she multi tasks to her heart's content.

Keveris is seemingly blind to all around him for some few minutes. When Meigazal drops a mug of klah off at his table he rouses enough to murmur thanks, but it no longer steams so extravagantly by the time he pulls off a pair of knit gloves and wraps bare fingers around the clay. The warmth gives his system as much of a needed jolt as the caffeine. "If I catch cold," he says under his breath, "I'll blame her entirely." Now he's alert enough to scan the room, and so sees the Lady; he nods by reflex, calling a quiet, "Good day," that it would be easy enough for a reader to ignore.

Jeracynn happens to be switching hides about, around the time he greets with the 'good day', though the rest she had missed. Her gaze lifts, she looks about and then settles on the Steward. Watching him a moment before she says, "You look cold, Kris," before lifting her drink and sipping from it, and having another pair of bites from her meal.

Momentarily surprised by the nickname, Keveris has to prod his frozen mind back to work. "That's a word for it." He drinks down another measure of klah. Grinning, Meigazal's there again with another; the laughter she's not bothering to hide well promises teasing later, behind the Steward's back if not to his face. "My sister is visiting. For some reason, it doesn't bother her at all to stand in one place in the cold, painting the river... I could wish I were made of such weatherproof materials. Do you fare well?"

"Your sister is, hmm? Which would that be?" Jeracynn asks, sitting back and giving a grin and then with a faint, ahh, "The artist, paining, I should have put that together quicker. Is she staying long?" The Lady tips her head and then adds, "Why did you stay out there that long, and yes. I'm well enough."

"Kharisma, yes, the artist. Ostensibly here to see me; as likely as not here for our scenery and yourself, in fact." Keveris goes so far as to roll his eyes. His exasperation is that of a younger brother, however: perpetual and fond. "I think she intended only a pair of days, but it's hard to say with Khari. I wanted to talk to her. She won't hear of leaving the river until she's finished--I confess, I left her there." He snags up his second mug. "Is there any news of how things are with Danar's people?"

"For you and the scenery I can understand," Jeracynn replies with a chuckle, "But then, why for me?" The next draws from her a chuckle, "Ahh, I see. Much the same as you and your hide work? No drawing you from them before it's time unless the need is great enough, hmm? I'm sure she was glad of the company." The last matter gets a shake of her head, "Nothing much new. We've sent out the things Vega asked for first and I believe those that want to come to the Hold proper, but didn't when we were out there, will do so now."

Keveris explains, or maybe warns, "To sketch you. I don't expect she'll want to bother you, but if you see a dark-haired woman eyeing you across the Hall don't be alarmed. It's for the dragonpoker cards. She's always sneaking peeks at leaders. I'm amazed it's taken her this long... but I gather another pastime has been very diverting." His voice is exceedingly dry. "Ah--well--I guess that's a point. I'm not much better. That's well," of the Holdless. "I wonder how many there will be. Several, I hope, but I don't think Danar favored the idea."

"Vega did however." Jeracynn comments of the last, first, "I'm sure there will be several at least." It's only then she raises a brow at the other, "Well, she's welcome to sketch, of course. But the warning is nice, least I begin to wonder what's out of place." A twitch of her lips in a grin, and then, "Ahh, so there is something more diverting than her art, is there?"

"That's true. She might have more influence away from our eyes, when he doesn't have to keep face," Keveris speculates, sounding far from sure. "That's what I figured. If you'd like to be in a deck wearing or doing anything specific, she'd be thrilled to draw you more formally--I can say that in confidence--but that takes up time." The young man's mouth quirks in a peculiar way. "Not than art in general... but...." Should he explain? The inner debate is visible on his face. "The diversion is the half-brother of two of our mutual half-siblings. A very interesting individual."

"That was what I was thinking. She seemed sure and yet cautious?" A shrug though and the Lady relays with a sigh, "While I'd rather they were all contently warm and fed, there is only so much we can do as they must also help themselves, hmm?" Jeracynn toys with the few bites left on her plate and then pushed them away with a look of guilt after that subject, but regardless, "Well, perhaps we'll leave it up to her and my schedule, hmm? I wouldn't mind, but I wouldn't want to presume." And then both brows are rising as she repeats, "...the half-brother of two of our mutual half-siblings. I would imagine interesting indeed, that..." And then she shakes her head, "Very interesting."

"Careful of his pride," Keveris agrees, nodding. "Wary of stepping on his toes as leader, perhaps. But when she suggested the young woman and her child come to the Hold, he said nothing. I don't think there'd be any profit to either side in injuring their pride. I wouldn't mind seeing a fire-lizard or two in their hands, though--did you notice any?" He sets his mug down with a faintly hollow thump that proves it empty. "There's no chance of presuming on her. She loves to paint so, I don't think she's ever turned down an opportunity. And... yes. I don't know how she's kept it from our mother; I presume she still has, since the watchdragon hasn't keened for the man's green."

Jeracynn gives a shake of her head, "I didn't notice any, but yes, we should see that they get some, if they have none." She pauses thoughtfully as if adding something up and then shakes her head again, this time as if to clear it before she smiles. "Well, then we'll see what we can work out, hmm? She's keeping it from your mother? I..." she stops and then with a chuckle starts again, "I suppose that is either wise, or postponing the inevitable." Amusement gives way to a little sigh she doesn't explain as she instead asks, "A greenrider, hmm?"

Keveris scrapes at a bit of dried sauce on his tabletop. "It would be no loss to the Hold. If any of the local 'lizards produce a clutch, if we could find a discreet way of getting some of their number to the hatching--" An inquiring look is given her for the pause. "When I first heard of it, she was. Khari believes it's still a secret. Jokes about I'kan's death aside, I wouldn't be surprised if Mother is aware and doing her best to avoid the subject. That's been her favorite approach to Khari's romances, and it's the star of current family gossip, after all." With a laugh under his breath, he confirms, "Yes, but one rumored to be as bad as certain bronzeriders in that regard. Have you--pardon. That's an impertinent question."

"If they are here, helping about the Hold, I would think that easy enough. And there are other ways too. I'll think on it." Jeracynn answers before allowing the other matter to amuse her more, "If that's a pattern with her, and it sounds from what you said she doesn't miss much, then I expect your guess likely." A soft laugh follows and she adds, "I'm glad those are things I rarely have to keep track of... Have I, what?"

Keveris nods, vaguely pleased. "I'll listen for word of a clutch," he volunteers. "There are enough females around that it shouldn't be impossible. Not even unlikely." A small grin puts in an appearance. "It keeps her sane through everyone's foibles. And we would return the favor for the most part. Which, family members romancing other family members?" he can't quite resist teasing. "Or bronzeriders? I was going to ask, have you ever kept a romance from your mother. Since you sounded sure of which you spoke." And likely because of the sigh, but he doesn't bring that up.

"I'll let you know if I hear anything also," Jeracynn replies, "My own is nearly old enough, but I know greens less reliable in such things." The other has her lifting a brow at his grin, "It keeps her sane, does it?" The question though gives her pause, "Well, you know how it is with the families. Usually second and third cousin arrangements if arrangements are made and held to. Not that there has been something for me to worry over there. And bronzeriders doings are just gossip to me. I can't say I even met much of any bronzeriders." The question of herself though draws a smile and yet no real answer, "That is a rather interesting question to wonder over."

"So far as I know, the question with greens isn't whether they'll rise and lay, but whether anyone has a tunnelsnake's chance in a kennel of finding them. I rarely see shell or shard of Theo's," Keveris admits. "Well--whether she *is* sane might be argued by some. Yes, basically. With at least two romancers among us, she swears she'd go mad if she worried about it all. Between us? I expect she does anyway. Oh... yes, of course, I didn't think about that. All the Hold lines are likely related by now at some distant remove?" Studying that smile, he finally shakes his head. "All right," he says. "Far be it from me to refuse the gift of an interesting puzzle."

"I'd heard that about greens," Jeracynn admits in turn, polishing off her drink just after, "I think I'll leave any question of your mothers sanity to you and your family to debate, especially since I've yet to meet her." The matter of Hold lines she gives a nod to, "Exactly the case. Not that there aren't certain, breaks in the chain of course, but," She shrugs and then arcs a brow, her expression both curious and amused, "Is it such an interesting thing as all that?"

Keveris laughs silently. "I don't know whether you should be glad of that or not. I think I'll refrain from comment, on the grounds that any statement I make would incriminate me." Pleading the fifth, Pern style. "It would be odd," he decides, "to be related to everyone. Most definitely odd. The question itself isn't so interesting, Lady, no, but the question of why you answer it thus? That has more potential."

"Your family does sound so much more interesting than mine. At least my immediate family, I have some cousins..." she trails off and then Jeracynn gives a shrug, "I wouldn't put it that way, it's probably not strictly the case, but one could make it a life's work, mapping out how we are all related, and I'm sure it would still leave gaps." The Lady leaves the other to sit a moment before she goes on, "It does? How do you figure?"

"Not necessarily." Keveris lifts his brows. "None of my family members try to murder passersby with their perfume. What do your cousins do?" He nods to the talk of maps; it's easy enough to agree with, being true, and then he says, "'It's an interesting question to wonder over' isn't a yes or a no, and it would seem to imply either that one, you like it to be a mystery, which is interesting; or two, that it's a mystery to you. Also interesting."

"You do have a thing about that perfume, don't you. I really don't see what all the fixation is with men and Ladies scents." Though judging from the amused expression she wears, that's not strickly true. Jeracynn says on around a smile that tugs crooked on one side, "I thought you knew already I like puzzles. I just didn't realize that if my mother knows if I've had any romances was one and how I chose to reply on the matter in a public hall is one either."

"I only want to walk through the Hold's halls without asphyxiating, is that so very odd?" Keveris: the image of injured innocence. At least for a moment. Sobriety descends like a stone after, and he looks away, acknowledging the chide. "No. You are correct, it is inappropriate subject matter, and I apologize. I shouldn't keep getting in the way of your reading," he realizes, and shakes his head vigorously. "Apologies again. Is there anything in particular that you need before your next set of meetings?"

"Oh they are hardly that bad, though I admit it's worse in the winter." With a smile, she waves off all the rest, Jeracynn slowly getting to her feet, "It's nothing, and truly, don't worry over it. Though with your reminder, I suppose I should go get ready."

Keveris shakes his head at the denial, nods to the supposition. "In that case I'll return to the projections for the fields adjacent to the new shelters. It should be ready shortly. Good evening, Lady Jeracynn."

"I appreciate that, Keveris." Jeracynn answers, "But really, I don't expect you to take no time for your self. Warm up, and get to it when you can. Have a good evening."

Another headshake, a demurring murmur, and Kris is up and walking briskly to his office like the workaholic he is; at least his coat is dry.

Keveris pushes open the northern door and steps into the meeting hall.

Auntie Zinna shoos away an eavesdropping drudge. "As long as it goes no further than you and I...."
"...so now we've got all manner of folks running about, lots of new faces," Auntie Zinna notes to some old friends of her's, over tea and cookies, "seems Lady Jeracynn and our good Steward persuaded some of the holdless to work for food and supplies, some will be living here too, so it all turned out well." She leans closer to one of her friends when that one makes a comment, then nods, "eh Duckie? Oh...yes, Eleria helped a lot too, but could not be there for the final talks as she was called away to the infirmary to help deliver twins, woman wouldn't say who the father was though, shall we start a betting pool?"